Re-imagining Democracy in the Age of Revolutions: America, France, Britain and Ireland

The initial phase of the Re-imagining Democracy project began with a series of exploratory meetings, the first in 2005.  Those discussions eventually produced the first book of the project (above, 2013) and they played an invaluable role on shaping the way in which we thought about the project.  The second phase turned to the Mediterranean (2018) and the third to Latin America (2023). The final phase addresses Central and Northern Europe.

Previous meetings in the wider project of Re-imagining democracy included:

April 2005 – Authority and Obedience

September 2006 – Democracy and Revolution, the King’s View

March 2007 – Claims of Rights

September 2007 – Politicisation I

September 2007 – Paris Politicisation I

June 2008 – American Democracy in Context

July 2008 – Politicisation II

November 2008  Paris  politicisation II

January 2009 – Munich – Government, Participation and Welfare in German territories

June 2010 – Two Eras of Democracy: conference

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