Re-imagining Democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean


The Re-imagining Democracy Project is moving to a new phase in the summer of 2016 as we complete the book on the Mediterranean.

The new phase involves turning our attention to the experience of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Chilean Independence
 We will begin with a series of reading groups, that will start with the late colonial period and focus on the Bourbon reforms introduced in the administration of the colonies and the two main rebellions that they seem to have provoked (In Peru and New Granada/Colombia), before moving to the region as a whole.
We will have meetings in June: late September;  November; and December 2016.
We will then have two sessions in HT 2017 before a full conference in March 2017.
The initial four sessions will focus on independence and the rise of nation states, looking at the following topics:
1. Bourbon reforms and late colonial rebellions in Spanish America (reading list on Late Colonial Rebellions) (minutes)

2. Transatlantic connections: Enlightenment, the US independence, the French Revolution (reading list) Jan 10 2017

3. The Impact of the Napoleonic Empire in Latin America and the Caribbean, 1803-1815 (2017-ht-reading-list)

4. Independence wars and the emergence of new nation states, 1815-1830